Drag Radials & Wheel combo ordered

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Drag Radials & Wheel combo ordered

Post by 345PAHemi on Tue Feb 21, 2012 9:49 pm

Just ordered my DR's (M&H Racemasters 275x40x17 - 26" Diameter) along with 10 spoke HHP Bogart aluminum racing wheels (17x10) from HHP. Talked to Josh and got a deal. They shoudl be in within next couple of weeks.

So, now I'm pretty much set for race season. Got the rear, getting the tune from Josh next week, putting TB in, finally, this week, and DR's with wheels on order.

1st HHP race at E-town - Sat. March 31st. Josh said he plans to be there for the first race. he's still working on his 300 C build......should be a monster once completed (probably a 9 sec car).


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